• Purple Fluorite on White Celestite


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    This is a stunning piece of white Celestite with purple Fluorite formed over it. It has an amazingly high vibration and is a rare piece! Weight is 123 grams and measurements are 2" x 1.8" x 1.25" at widest points. 

    White Celestite with purple Fluorite not only reminds us of emerging spiritual strength, but of the vast, unchartered spiritual plains. Here is a atone of transformation from the Earth plain to that of the Higher Self and spiritual teachers. It shows us that higher consciousness is our natural state of being. Working with this harmonic combination is like spiraling above the mundane of every day existence. We are aware of the incredible freedom that opening to spirituality brings and how much can easily be accomplished when one is open to those possibilities. Use this stone to more strongly develop your sense of unfettered spiritual power.