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How to Keep From Taking on Other's Negative Energies

Whether you work in a healing field or not, chances are you are exposed pretty regularly to the negative energies of others.  For many people, it is extremely hard to keep from sucking up those negative energies yourself and suddenly you are feeling what your client, friend, coworker, etc was giving off.  However, with regular practice, it is easy to keep these energies from affecting you.

I am not going to address relationship issues here.  Some of you may be reading this because you are around negative people who you need to cut ties with, but for whatever reason you have not.  I leave that to you.  In this article I am going to assume that you either do healing work with others, or have normal contact with negativity through day-to-day life and you want to keep it from affecting you.

The absolute, #1 way to keep from sucking up other people’s negative energy is to keep your own vibration as high as possible.  For some of you, this is very easy, but for others it will be difficult and you will need to work at it.  If you do, I promise, the results will be well worth it and over time it will come naturally to you.  Because keeping a high vibration (and I mean HIGH, not just “higher” than the people around you), will be tough at first, I’ll also give you some tips about using crystals and herbs to keep you from sucking up the negative energies while you are working on yourself.

So, lets begin.  First, you want focus on seeing the divine spark in all those around you.  Everyone, no matter who they are, carries the spark of the divine.  In many people it is obvious, but in some it is buried so deep that that you may not believe it is there.  But it is.  Practice seeing them as perfect – do not “see” the negative aspects of them.

Ghandi said that he was able to love everyone he met no matter who they were because he knew that in a previous life he had done the same things they were doing now.  We are all at different stages in our evolution of consciousness, but we are all ultimately going to end up in the same place.  Where you are right now is absolutely perfect and exactly where you need to be, right now.  It is the same for everyone around you.  Think of this and use it to develop “unconditional positive regard” for everyone and seeing them as perfect will begin to come naturally.

Now I know some of you healers in particular are thinking, “If I don’t see the negative, how can I help them work through their issues?”  But in fact, by seeing a person as a perfect, divine being, you are raising their vibration far more than you would if you were focusing on the negative.  By giving your attention to the negative, you are not only taking it in yourself, but actually increasing it in them because you are causing them to turn their focus to it as well. 

In addition, if you are working with this person in a “healer” capacity, by seeing them as a perfect, divine being, you will raise your vibration high enough to get messages from your spirit guides and theirs, which will show you what stones, herbs, techniques, etc they may need much more accurately than any advice that you will learn from a book.  These messages will guide you and them to healing the underlying cause, rather than just trying to put a band aid on symptoms. 

So, if you are not used to seeing people in this way, you may need some techniques to help you keep that negativity off while you practice keeping your vibration high.  My three favorites are getting outdoors, taking certain flower essences, and using Selenite.

If you have already sucked up negative energy and are feeling bad, nothing will pull that out of you faster that Mother Earth.  Get outside and sit on the ground if you can. Put at least your bare palms and ideally your bare feet on the earth.  I try to walk around or sit barefoot outside for at least 20 minutes every day.  Your vibration will instantly be raised and negativity will dissipate. 

But even if you can’t touch the Earth, just being outside and breathing the fresh air will help immensely.  Go for a walk around your neighborhood or office building.  I also try to keep my windows open whenever weather permits – especially if I am conducting a healing session.  If you cannot open your windows, make sure to light a few candles – which are great for drawing in negative energy and burning it up.

Another alternative is to take 2-3 drops of a soothing and balancing flower essence such as Rose, Calendula, or Palo Santo in water and sip it slowly.  I love essential oils and use them in my healing practice with every client.  However, for deep, quick relief, flower essences are the way to go.

You can also lie on your back for 15-20 minutes with a large bar of Selenite down your torso.  Little pieces are ok too if that’s all you have, but try to get big ones.  The larger the piece, the stronger the vibration and Selenite is relatively inexpensive.  If you do healing work, this is a good technique to use on your clients as well.  If someone comes in with a lot of negativity, have them lay with the Selenite at the beginning of the session and they will be able to relax better and release some of that negativity, which will help them to be more receptive to the healing.

You can also keep a number of Selenite pieces throughout your work area at all times.  Lithium Quartz and Lepidolite are also beneficial stones for wearing and/or placing throughout a healing space to promote relaxation and the release of negativity.

As a healer, I actually prefer to wear the higher vibration and ascension stones to wearing more grounding and protective ones during a healing session.  They help me to keep my vibration very high and to receive clear messages from my spirit guides.  I typically wear Anandalite and Moldavite.  I have had great success with Natrolite as well, although I am not feeling called to wear it so much now. 

However, this takes a lot of getting used to.  When I first started doing healing work, the grounding stones were much better for me because I was not used to having my vibration so high.  After sessions I would feel “spacey” and off balance.

If high vibrations stones affect you this way, wearing the grounding and protective stones is probably a much better solution for now.  Over time, as you begin to maintain a high vibration consistently, you will know that you are ready to switch to the higher vibration stones.

For the grounding and protective stones, there are many great ones.  Far too many for me to go into here, so I will just give a synopsis of the ones I like best for keeping off negativity in particular: Smokey Quartz, Healer’s Gold, Black Tourmaline, Lodestone, and Black Jade.

The combination of Smokey Quartz and Healers Gold is a winner.  You can carry one of each with you, but for the full effect I prefer nugget necklaces.  It’s the best way to get the largest amount of the stone on your body.  I like to wear a long Smokey Quartz necklace at the same time as a long Healer’s Gold necklace.  Nugget (also called “chip”) necklaces aren’t as pretty as some others, but we are going for function here and in that respect, they can’t be beat.  Healer’s Gold is a very powerful stone for both grounding and creating positive energy, while the Smokey Quartz acts to clear the Auric Field.

Black Tourmaline is a stone that almost everyone has, and for good reason.  It is one of the premier stones for psychic protection and reduction of stress.  If you can find a good sized gem quality or polished piece (these are ideal because they will not flake off like many Black Tourmalines will), then keep it under your pillow at night to help release the stress of your day.  If you do healing work or are around negative people, wear a nugget necklace and, ideally, place a number of large pieces in your workspace.  If you are lucky enough to find a piece with inclusions of Mica, so much the better, because the Mica with help show you a “reflection” of the underlying cause of the negativity. 

Lodestone* is great not only for intense grounding, but also for bringing the body back into balance.  If you have been absorbing negativity, or feel sick or off for any reason, grab a couple of 2-3 inch pieces and sit comfortably with one piece in each hand.  Just relax like this for 10-15 minutes and feel yourself coming quickly back into alignment.

Finally, Black Jade will work in times when it seems like nothing else will.  By wearing or carrying Black Jade, you can make yourself practically invisible to negative energies.  Energy vampires will get nothing out of being around you and will begin to drop out of your experience.  It will clear your Aura and keep it clear.

Of course, if they are being regularly exposed to negativity, all these stones will need to be cleaned from time to time.  When they feel like they are not working so well, you know its time to retune them.  There are many schools of thought as to how to best clean your stones and I will not go into how to do that here.  Just make sure to find a technique that you are comfortable with for the type of stone you are using and keep in mind that not all cleaning techniques are suitable for every crystal. Make sure you are using the most appropriate method for each type of stone.

If you know you are going to be exposed to negativity, it can be helpful to apply a grounding essential oil such as “Grounding” by Young Living or “Balance” by Doterra beforehand.  Frankensence is also a good option as it keeps the Auric Field clear.  You can create a protective emotional shield for yourself by taking Wild Lavender flower essence as well as Rowan.

Last of all – don’t forget to smudge!  Smudge sprays are great, but for getting rid of heavy negativity there is nothing better than burning sage.  If you have a very negative client, take them outside and sage them (and yourself!) before the healing session begins.  Sage yourself again afterward as well as your healing space if you feel “off”.  If you are picking up negativity from friends or co-workers, try to get into the habit of saging yourself and your personal space regularly. 

I hope you have found these tips useful.  But, as always, your own inner voice is best.  Listen to it first and then incorporate whatever else resonates. 


Love and Light,



*Always keep magnetic stones away from all other crystals.


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