• ONE 2-4 Gram Piece of Vonsen Blue Jade


    This is a very rare jade from the Vonsen mine that is now empty. Is is called "blue" but is really more of a blue/green. You will receive ONE 2-4 gram piece for the price listed. 

    Contributing serenity and harmony in any situation, Blue Jade can help with emotionally charged issues. In general, Jade is said to be a stone of wisdom and can be used to help one approach a situation from a different perspective. Using Blue Jade will help to still the mind which allows one to see solutions where they couldn't be seen before. Many use Blue Jade to help achieve slow progress in a situation that originally seems insurmountable. Another benefit of using Blue Jade is the finding ability to accept and find peace in those issues that cannot be changed, so that you can release them and move on.