• ONE Helenite (Gaia Stone) Sphere


    This brilliant green stone is created using the volcanic ash and rock dust resulting from the eruption of Mt St Helens on May 18, 1980. Helenite was discovered accidentally when workers using acetylene torches to salvage destroyed equipment discovered that the rock dust was melting and forming greenish shiny substance. The volcanic rock, with heavy concentrations of silica, aluminum and iron with traces of chromium and copper was melting into a form of Obsidian.

    Metaphysically, it is said to carry the energy of the soul of the Earth, and to bring one into resonance with the heart of Mother Earth. It is also a very feminite stone and aids one in connection with various Goddess energies as well as promoting prosperity. It aligns with the heart chakra and is good for self-healing emotional wounds. It can help healers develop their abilities and to enhance compassion and empathy and is said to increase clairvoyant and telepathic abilities, along with past life recall experiences

    I have a number or Helenite spheres available. Each one is approximately 20mm in diameter.