• RARE Bolivianite Sphere/Spheriod


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    Bolivianite is a wonderful new mineral combination from Peru, it may be a bit confusing as it has the same name as the trade name for Ametrine from Bolivia but it is easy to separate the two when side by side. Bolivianite is a magical combination of mint green Serpentine with velvet like purple Fluorite intertwining throughout. This wonderful combination will help to bring the energies of the Higher Realms into ones heart, helping you to receive and experience the joy and happiness that you deserve. Allow this stone to whisk away any worries and concerns while gently elevating your inner energies and attuning them to that of your inner god. It’s a stone which wishes to bring you joy, pleasure and confidence.

    Bolivianite works heavily with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, empowering your psychic and intuitive abilities; deceivers will no longer stop you from progressing on your path as only the truth shall shine through. Through meditation with this stone you may experience a transcending, allowing you to see through the gaps and travel through the planes of wisdom.

    This is a gorgeous piece of Bolivianite that has been hand polished.  Hand polishing is much gentler on the stone, but it is only possible to create a perfect sphere using a machine, so the shape of this piece is not a perfect sphere, it is just slightly off.  This is why I have described it as a "spheroid".  Its hard to tell unless you pick it up and examine it.  It weighs 10.9 oz and is 54mm in diameter. Stand not included.