• 14k Gold Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant


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    This is a beautiful little Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant wrapped with 14k gold plated wire. I don't know the exact weight of the gemstone itself, but the entire pendant including wire wrap weighs 3.5 carats. The pendant is 1.1" long. 

    Watermelon Tourmaline works with the Heart chakra, cleansing and removing blockages. As a balancing stone, Watermelon Tourmaline aids in removing insecurities. As a balancing stone, it functions as a combination of male and female energies, both Yin and Yang together in one crystal. It can help to inspire both creativity and practicality, and connects the Heart Chakra to both physical and spiritual vibrations, calming overactive emotions. Watermelon Tourmaline will also attract love and resolve issues in relationships, infusing them with joy and Divine Love.

    Watermelon Tourmaline is wonderful for connecting with nature spirits and the Earth. This can be a blessing to those who find themselves feeling disconnected or otherwise out of sorts. It can help to lessen depression and mend emotional wounds by allowing the owner to see the meaning for certain events in life. Meditation with this crystal can aid in the release of unhealthy patterns of behavior, making room for new ways of thinking that lead to a more complete life.